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ADS120 120W 100 Volt Line Mixer Amplifier

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ADS120 120W 100 Volt Line Mixer Amplifier
ADS120 120W 100 Volt Line Mixer Amplifier
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ADS Worldwide

The ADS-120 is a 120w 100v line public address amplifier, has a combines ¼” and XLR input socket on Mic1 and has a VOX priority level control. Mic 2 & 3 inputs are via ¼” Jack. 2 AUX inputs both via RCA phono plugs and 1 Telephone input by phoenix connector. The ADS120 has the following outputs: 100V line, 70V line and 4-16Ohm low impedance output. 1 Line output via phono plugs, On the front of the ADS120 It has a master volume control and controls for Bass, Treble, Mic1, Mic2, Mic3, Aux1, Aux2, Tel and an input for Mic1. Internally the ADS120 has High Temp, Short Circuit and Overload protection.

Technical Specification

Model: ADS-120
Power Output (RMS): 120W Continuous
Output Impedance: 70V, 100V , 4-16 Ohm
THD at rated power: Less than 0.5%
Frequency Response: (+3dB) 50Hz -18KkHz
Aux Sensitivity / impedance:: 400mV/15KOhm
Mic Sensitivity / impedance: 5mV/600Ohm
Signal/Noise ratio: (AUX) Better than 62dB
Signal/Noise ratio, Mics: (Mic 1 & 2) Better than 76dB
Phantom Power: DC 48V
Tone Control: (Bass:100kHz, Treble:10kHz) +/- 12dB
Colour / Finish: Black
Dimensions: 440 x 360 x 88mm
Weight: 7.8kg
Rack Mount Kit: Yes Fitted

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