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Behringer EUROPORT EPA40 Hand held PA System

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Behringer EUROPORT EPA40 Hand held PA System
Behringer EUROPORT EPA40 Hand held PA System
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Product ID: ZB379
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Price: £83.29 (£99.95 Inc. Vat)

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Ultra compact, portable PA system ideal for business meetings, tour guides and classroom activities etc. The product features 5" full range loudspeaker, built-in battery with 8 hours life (recharges completely in 4 hours), mic and auxiliary inputs to connect to your mic, CD and other line level sources, convenient battery and shoulder strap compartment. The unit has an ergonomically designed carrying handle for effortless portability and comes complete with a Behringer XM1800S microphone, cable, recharger, shoulder strap and mic stand adaptor.

Dimensions 217x180x284mm
Weight 2.6kg
Power RMS 40W
Inputs 1/4" jack (unbalanced) & 1/8" jack (unbalanced)



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