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Behringer Ultraglide Crossfader Module CFM2

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Behringer Ultraglide Crossfader Module CFM2
Behringer Ultraglide Crossfader Module CFM2
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Product ID: ZB540
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Price: £8.44 (£10.13 Inc. Vat)

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Replacement Crossfader for DDM2000/VMX1000/VMX300/VMX200/DJX700/DJX400/DX626/DX052
(Only for 4-Pin Cable Connector)
All electro-mechanical parts eventually wear down, especially the crossfaders on mixers - they undergo the wear and tear of heavy use. Behringer's Crossfader Module gives mixers a second life. This replacement part protects the performance quality and the value of your favorite musical tool. You can even use the Crossfader Module to upgrade a second-hand mixer. With the Crossfader Module, your mixer will function reliably for many years to come.
WARNING You must remove the cover of your BEHRINGER unit to add/exchange the crossfader. Electrical current from power cables can be hazardous. DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER OF YOUR BEHRINGER UNIT UNLESS YOU ARE QUALIFIED TO DO SO. To avoid personal injury or equipment damage, disconnect the attached power cords before you open the unit cover. Do not operate the BEHRINGER unit without the cover in place. Failure to take these precautions may result in personal injury and system damage.
CAUTION Do not make mechanical or electrical modifications to the equipment. BEHRINGER is not responsible for regulatory compliance of a modified BEHRINGER product. If you are not confident of your own ability to perform this action, then please contact one of our authorised service centres or the dealership from where the unit was purchased.

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