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CarPower SP-167C Sub Woofer Speaker 150W.max

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CarPower SP 167C Sub Woofer Speaker 150W.max
CarPower SP 167C Sub Woofer Speaker 150W.max
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Perfect Car HiFi Subwoofer for Free Air Applications. Coated paper cone with reinforced rings and long excursion surround of special design. The magnetic systems were improved yet again and now provide an even higher drive power, the approved far protruding lower pole plate ensures an exceptionally high excursion accordingly. Car HiFi bass-midrange speaker, 150W MAX, 4Ohm, 16cm (6½") bass speaker with coated cone. Also suitable for replacing kick bass speakers of free air applications in compact vehicles. New improved design with protruding lower pole plate for an even longer excursion. With the new drive parameters which show a clearly improved Q factor (Qts), these speakers can now be recommended for closed cabinets and even bass-reflex cabinets with large dimensions, too!

Impedance (Z) 4Ω
Frequency range 58-5,500 Hz
Resonant frequency (fs) 49 Hz
Crossover frequency (12dB/oct.) (fmax) 3,000 Hz
Peak rating 150W
Power rating 50W RMS
voice coil ind. (1kHz) (Le) 0.2mH
voice coil diameter 25mm
Magnet diameter 100mm
Magnet weight 570g
Mounting cutout 148mm
Mounting depth 80mm
Dimensions 170mm
Weight 1.15kg


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