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FXLab 1200W Snow Storm Maxi Artificial Snowflake Effects Machine

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FXLab 1200W Snow Storm Maxi Artificial Snow Effects Machine
FXLab 1200W Snow Storm Maxi Artificial Snow Effects Machine
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Product ID: G002FW
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Price: £112.84 (£135.41 Inc. Vat)
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This FXLab High output snow machine is ideal for small to large venues and especially for seasonal events. This new and improved design utilities the Venturi Effect along with the 1200W motor to produce realistic snowflakes and snow storm effects. With a massive 5L removable fluid container and no warm up time it is ready to go in minutes. Supplied with both a wired and wireless remotes for controlling the output the wired remote has full volume adjustment to control of the snow output. The unit can be freestanding on the floor or mounted using the Heavy duty bracket. The unit is manufactured from high quality durable steel with a tough Ice White easy clean finish. Team it up with ready mixed Venu Snow Fluid or Venu Concentrated Fluid to get realistic snowflakes for your party or event.
Artificial Snow Effects Machine
Ideal for small and large venues and seasonal events
New Improved Design
Easy Remote Control Operation
Fan Assisted Venturi Technology
Massive 5L Fluid Tank
Depth (mm): 350
Height (mm): 190
Width (mm): 235
Product Dimensions (mm): 350x190x235
Net weight (kg): 3.2
Colour: White
Control Style: Wireless & Wired Controller
Fluid Capacity (l): 5
Power Input: 1200 W

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