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IMG Stage Line MRD-180 Horn Driver 180W.max

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IMG StageLine MRD 180 Horn Driver 180W.max
IMG StageLine MRD 180 Horn Driver 180W.max
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Mid-high range driver 180W MAX 8Ω. Top-class professional 25 mm driver (1") with a phenomenal wide bandwidth reproduction of high efficiency and linear frequency response of compact size and yet of high power capability. Perfect in any demanding PA speaker system as long as 50 mm drivers (2") are not required. The replacement voice coil SP-30PAX/vC is available at option the acoustic values indicated result from the combination with horn MRH-200.

Impedance (Z)
Resonant frequency (fs) 800 Hz
Max. frequency range fx-19000 Hz
Rec. crossov. frequ. (fmax.) (12dB/oct.) 1 800 Hz
Music power 180W MAX
Power rating (P) 80W RMS
SPL (1W/1m) 109dB
Radiation angle (vert./hor.) dep. on horn
voice coil diameter 44.4mm
Magnet diameter 130mm
Mounting cutout dep. on horn
Mounting depth dep. on horn
Dimensions 134mm x 58mm
Weight 2.75kg


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