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Monacor EDL-38TW Fire Ceiling Speaker 100V Line (267mm)

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Monacor EDL 38TW Fire Ceiling Speaker 100V Line (267mm)
Monacor EDL 38TW Fire Ceiling Speaker 100V Line (267mm)
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  • Description


PA ceiling speakers for a high safety level in case of a fire.

  • 100v line technique
  • Additional integrated tweeter
  • Fire protection cover
  • Metal housing with fitted ceramic terminal
  • Temperature fuse 1A/150 °C for disconnecting a faulty speaker in case of a short circuit (fire) so that the function of one speaker line is maintained
  • 3-step power selector switch
  • Earth connection
  • Glass fibre insulated supply line with high-strength cable gland
  • Quick-mounting facility
  • For a ceiling thickness from 2 to 40mm
Frequency range 140-17000 Hz
Power capability 100v 10/5/2.5W RMS
Type of speaker 200
Mounting cutout 230mm x 120mm
Mounting depth 100mm
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Dimensions 267mm x 115mm
Weight 1.8kg

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