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Neutrik EtherFLEX CAT5e RJ45 Cable 80m Drum

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Neutrik EtherFLEX CAT5e RJ45 Cable 80m Drum
Neutrik EtherFLEX CAT5e RJ45 Cable 80m Drum
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etherFLEX is a ruggedised touring class data cable for CAT5e applications. This high performance Shielded Foil Twisted Pair (SFTP) cable is certified to CAT5e and EtherSound tested. The additional shield and foil shielding protects against EMI and RFI. The stranded cores allow repeated flexing, dramatically increasing reliability, robustness and prolonging the life of the cable.

Each Ethernet cable assembly uses high performance etherFLEX cable and is terminated both ends with a high quality RJ45 connector. As standard each RJ45 connector is housed in a NE8MC-B-1, suitable for harsh and demanding environments.

The rugged black chromium shell and unique chuck type strain relief protects the Ethernet connection in a variety of commercial type applications and is designed to prevent breakage of the fragile components of the standard RJ45 connector, as well as providing the superior NEUTRIK latching system and IP54 water protection, if used with the SE8FD sealing kit.

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