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SoundLab Funky Fashion White Headphones with Mic

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SoundLab Funky Fashion White Headphones with Mic
SoundLab Funky Fashion White Headphones with Mic
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With a funky all-over colour design these stereo headphones will match your mood or your style! The modern styling of the headphones includes a lightweight design and soft ear cups so they're comfortable to wear for longer. They feature a single-sided cable fitted with a microphone which is compatible with most smartphones and tablet devices. This makes the headphones ideal for listening to your music on the move without missing that all important text or phone call. Fitted with a generous 1.2 m lead and 3.5 mm stereo plug, the headphones are compatible with mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and MP3 players, as well as computers, laptops, netbooks and games consoles.
Colour White
Plug Type 3.5 mm
Impedance (Ohms) 32
Sensitivity (dB) 110
Power RMS (W) 100 mW
Frequency Response (Hz) 20-20k
Lead Length (mm) 1200
Lead Style Straight

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