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Johnny Brook Digital Drum Kit

Johnny Brook Digital Drum Kit

Prem-I-Air Oil Filled Radiators

Prem-I-Air 11 Fin Oil Filled Radiators

FXLab Entertainment Lighting Ľ Effects Machines Ľ Snow and Foam Machines

FXLab Effects Machines Ľ Snow and Foam Machines

Dehumidifier Laundry Dryers with Ioniser

Dehumidifier Laundry Dryers with Ioniser

Extensive Range of Electrical Products from Lamps, Leads, Cables & Connectors to Intercoms & Headphones for the Home or Office.

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AudioMate® Ultra Electronics Superstore

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    There are thousands of everyday and home electronic products that can be found in local shops and giant superstores up and down the country, but we at AudioMate believe having a substantial collection all on one easy to use website is the ideal solution for customers who want to browse or who know what they want. With public address products, door bells, laminators, LCD televisions, electric fires and even insect killers we are confident you can find something you need. In terms of DJ equipment you won’t be disappointed with that either, especially our sound and lighting kits which accommodate a range of budgets. We pride ourselves in having a broad range of wholesale electronics, from beauty care products such as the curl and press tong, to in car entertainment including boxed bass speakers and car tweeters. If you are looking for sound orientated equipment then by clicking on the sound section you will be presented with a range of public address gear such as PA speakers both standard and professional, and other audio related products including electro acoustic guitars and keyboard amplifiers, plus top of the range headphones of all categories, which are also considered a part of our DJ equipment.

    DJ Equipment

    Whether you are looking for professional audio equipment, stage lighting or wholesale electronics supplies, audiomate are confident our extensive range will contain something you need. In terms of music orientated gear, we have a decent selection of disco and guitar amplifiers and speakers, cabinet speakers and related accessories, effect foot switches, and music processors. And in terms of DJ equipment we have lighting effects, powered mixers, DJ speakers and sound bed amplifiers. Aspiring disc jockeys and professional DJ’s alike will certainly be able to find something to add to their collection, and for everyday wholesale electronics needs we have plate switches and sockets, mains power leads and electrical plugs amongst a host of other products. For small PA events and karaoke we have versatile portable PA systems from our set of public address equipment, which come with two radio microphones, CD player, built-in HD speaker and long life rechargeable battery. Made from a robust plastic with a carrying handle, weighing in at around 13 kilos this is a particularly user friendly example of our public address machines.

    Public Address

    If you are looking to throw a party as an events organizer or proprietor of an entertainment establishment such as a restaurant or bar, then our range of entertainment lights, coloured filters and effects machines from our wholesale electronics range are ideal. AudioMate have fuzz and flame lights, pod lights and other small effects machines, plus mobile and DJ lighting as part of our DJ equipment. If you are working in a school or on a construction site and need to be heard then check out our megaphones in the public address section, where we have models with siren facilities and a seven hundred metre range. At large enough parties these may also be useful especially if there are large crowds that need addressing. Alternatively a mixing amplifier that doubles as a piece of DJ equipment that has a front panel microphone input is desirable for retail environments and there are plenty of other similar tools to check out from our range of electronic products.

    Halogen Heaters, Portable Air Conditioning Units, Electric Patio Heaters

    In recent years one of the most popular forms of heating has been halogen heaters, with homes across the country having outdoor nights where family and friends gather under electric patio heaters for barbeques and have a natter with their mates, our electric patio heaters wonít disappoint. As halogen heaters are one of the fastest ways to get warm outdoors, there are plenty of occasions where one can turn on electric patio heaters to guarantee hours of conversations under these stylish halogen heaters. Your guaranteed a great night under the stars with our electric patio heaters. Whatever youíre hot from our halogen heaters or cold, we are confident you will find some of our portable air conditioning units the epitome of engineering excellence, our range of portable air conditioning units also include a broad range of spares and we stock most of them for our high quality industrial, mobile and fixed portable air conditioning units. No home should be without these portable air conditioning units, as in summer your cooled and in winter youíre warm and cosy. We at AudioMate are confident you will find exactly what you looking for in our heating and cooling department.


    A term used to indicate the average level of power that a receiver or amplifier can sustain over a given period of time. Average power ratings provide a more realistic assessment of your ampís performance than peak power since an amp can only sustain peak power for a short period of time. RMS stands for root mean square, which is one of the mathematical methods used to calculate an ampís average power output. While it isnít an accurate descriptor of the measurements themselves, itís commonly used throughout the industry to denote the average power rating. Sensitivity - Sensitivity ratings shows how effectively a speaker converts power (watts) into volume (decibels). The higher the rating, the louder your speakers will play with a given amount of amplifier power. Sensitivity is often measured by driving a speaker with 1W and measuring the loudness in decibels at 1m and described as SPL (sound pressure level). Stereo System - Made up of two speakers; one to play the left channel of sound and a second to play the right channel sound. Stereo speaker setups are the most common for music listening, since most music is mixed for stereo, as opposed to mono (single-channel) or multi-channel surround recordings. Subwoofer - A speaker specially designed to reproduce a range of very low frequencies only (the bass). The typical range for a subwoofer is about 20-200Hz. A powered subwoofer includes a built-in amplifier to drive the speaker. Terminals - Spring clip terminals work best with bare wire connections with small-gauge speaker wire, or pin-type connectors. Binding post terminals are a sturdier, more versatile type of speaker jack, often found on higher-quality speakers and receivers, and on most amplifiers. Theyíre threaded, so you can tighten them down against the wire or connector for a tight connection. Transient - A short-lived aspect of a signal, such as the attack and decay of musical tones. A speaker that can react quickly to rapid changes in the music is said to have good transient response. Tweeter - A small, lightweight driver that reproduces the highest musical frequencies, like violins, cymbals, female vocals, etc. The typical range for a tweeter is everything above 2,000Hz approx. Voice coil - The cylindrical coil of wire that moves in the magnetic field of a dynamic driver. The voice coil is bonded to the diaphragm, which actually produces the sound. Watt - A unit of power. Equal to the power in a circuit in which a current of one ampere flows across a potential difference of one volt. Woofer - A type of driver that features a cone-shaped diaphragm, commonly used for producing the mid and low frequency portions of the music signal.

    2-Way Speaker

    A 2-way speaker has two drivers, a tweeter to handle high frequencies, and a woofer to handle mid to low frequencies. Background Music - Music that is intended to provide an unobtrusive ambient atmosphere to a location. Crossover - A circuit that divides the frequency spectrum into two or more parts. A crossover acts as a filter, allowing certain frequencies to pass through to the speaker while blocking others, sending only high frequencies to the tweeter and only low frequencies to the woofer. Decibel (dB) - A unit used to measure the intensity of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal by comparing it with a given level on a logarithmic scale. Dispersion - The degree of which a speakerís sound is spread over the listening area. Driver - Any individual device on a loudspeaker that contributes to the creation of sound, also referred to as woofer or tweeter. Dynamic Range - The ratio between the largest and smallest possible values of sound. Frequency Response - Measured in Hertz (Hz). The human ear responds to frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz (approx). A speakerís frequency response indicates how much of that range can be reproduced. Hertz (Hz) - A unit used to measure sound frequency. Impedance - The amount of resistance to the flow of current, measured in Ohms. Neodymium - A material used in some speaker magnets. Neodymium magnets are smaller and more powerful than conventional speaker magnets. Ohms - The measurement of electrical resistance. Often used to show the impedance of a speaker coil. Outdoor Speakers - Speakers that are designed specifically for placement in outdoor environments. Many outdoor speakers are designed to project sound over a larger area and to provide a little more bass than typical indoor speakers. They are also built to be weather resistant. Power Handling - A measure of how much amplifier power, in watts, a speaker can take before it is damaged.

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