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Altai Treasure Seeker 3 Metal Detector

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Altai Treasure Seeker 3 Metal Detector
Altai Treasure Seeker 3 Metal Detector
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Product ID: T330BC
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Price: £46.35 (£55.62 Inc. Vat)
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Feature packed metal detector that with practice can be used to detect between gold, silver, ferrous and aluminium metal. The unit has a 3.5mm headphone socket, volume control, ground adjustment, sensitivity, tune and discrimination control. The detector has a waterproof 200mm coil and an adjustable arm for comfort and ease of use. The output can either be heard via the inbuilt speaker or by the analogue display with ferrous/non-ferrous markings with led indicators.

Colour Black/Silver
Weight 1.3Kg
Battery 2 x 9V PP3
Headphone Socket 3.5mm
Discriminator Ferrous/Non-Ferrous/Aluminium
Dimensions 880-1110x200x200mm
Re-Order ID (T330BC)

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