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School & Local Authority Purchase Orders

We accept official purchase orders from Schools, Colleges, Local Authorities & Government Bodies

Placing 'purchase orders' online: You would need to firstly Create an Account

You must use your official school 'email address' e.g.

After opening an account: Please call us on: 01204 899199 to arrange your login level.

Ordering Instructions:

  1. Login to the site
  2. Add products to your Cart
  3. At the last stage of Checkout
  4. Choose your payment method as (Purchase Order)
  5. Insert your Purchase Order No. (into the 'additional information' box)
  6. Your order will be processed and no payment will be required from the site.
  7. Your purchase will be dispatched, after delivery a PDF invoice will be emailed to you.

Purchase Orders can also be sent by:


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