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Bank Note Tester Pen

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Bank Note Tester Pen
Bank Note Tester Pen
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The Bank Note Tester Pen is a totally portable security item ideal for discreetly checking bank notes in any location. It is both quick and easy to use and can tell the difference between genuine and fake bank notes almost instantly. Small enough to fit in a pocket, bag or apron, the Bank Note Tester Pen can be carried to any venue or event; perfect for off-site or mobile venue cash handling including festivals. Can be used on all major paper currencies including Pounds, Dollars and Euros. No batteries or power source required. Note: This product has been tested for reliability on the bank notes listed on the packaging and we are confident that it is effective. We cannot, however, be held liable for any loss or damage which result from using the product.
• Can be used on all major paper currencies including Pounds, Dollars and Euros
• Discreet and totally portable, ideal for festivals and other events
• Inexpensive security for all cash-handling staff
• Identifies forged notes in seconds
• Non-permanent - marks disappear after several hours
Colour Blue
Dimensions (mm) 132x17x13
Weight (kg) 0.01
Packing Blister Pack
Retail Box Dimensions (mm) 250x90x20
Gross Weight inc. Retail Box (kg) 0.023

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