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HDMI 3 in 1 out 4K Adapter Splitter

HDMI 3 in 1 out 4K Adapter Splitter #1HDMI 3 in 1 out 4K Adapter Splitter #2
The 3 way 4K switcher unit enables you to connect 3 HD sources to one HDMI socket on your display and has simple-to-use push button selection for input.
Price: £5.99
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  • Description

Our HDMI 4K Input selector is a simple and easy to use device that allows switching between inputs to a TV, single screen or Projector . The device automatically switches or can be manually selected using the source button. With 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output and a 40cm Cable, the integral LED lights show which HDMI source has been selected , without needing an external power source.

3 in Sockets x 1 out HDMI 4K Plug
HDMI Switcher routes high definition video
Output sends high definition audio/video signals to a high definition display
Compatible with HD, DVD, SKY, STB, PS3, XBOX 360

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