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Kocom KIC-300 Slave Intercom Unit

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Kocom KIC 300 Slave Intercom Unit
Kocom KIC 300 Slave Intercom Unit
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The Kocom KIC300 is a high quality desk slave station for use with the P152K master station, KIC304. There is a single call button with an additional privacy button to prevent eaves dropping from the master station. A volume control is provided for the ring level. Just one power supply is required per system.

Adaptor 6Vdc (P003B) Not Supplied
Continuous Current 30mA
Cable required 2 core to each station
Max Transmission Range 200m
Type KIC300S
Colour White

Kocom KIC 304 Master Intercom Unit
The Kocom KIC 304 is a high quality desk master station for use with up to 4x P152L slave stations. There are 4 call buttons each ...

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