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Martin RUSH THRILL Fog Fluid 5 Litre

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Martin RUSH THRILL Fog Fluid 5 Litre
Martin RUSH THRILL Fog Fluid 5 Litre
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RUSH & THRILL Fog Fluid has been crafted to deliver exceptional results including our benchmark density, dissipation, and pure white color, while still remaining economical. Our manufacturing process removes all mineral content from the fluid ensuring little residue is left behind on your prized equipment and performance surfaces. We also use the highest-grade active ingredients, and microprocessor-controlled heat exchangers to ensure that fog is produced safely for you and your audience.

Water-based formula
Leaves no residue
Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionised water
White Fog effect
Net weight (kg): 5.1
Volume (i): 5 Litre

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