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Signet PL1/K1 Portable Induction Loop Amplifier Kit

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Signet PL1 K1 Portable Induction Loop Amplifier Kit
Signet PL1 K1 Portable Induction Loop Amplifier Kit
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The SigNET PL1/K1 is a kit containing the SigNET PL1 rechargeable portable induction loop amplifier, PSU plugtop charger, 'loop available' sticker and sturdy wall mounted storage shelf.
It is ideal for temporary use when a person wearing a hearing aid needs face to face customer contact at a desk or counter. A portable induction loop amp can be moved easily and quickly to the position required and the built in microphone and rechargeable battery makes it completely self contained and simple to use.
Ready to use in seconds
Fully compliant for Disability Act
Ideal for counter, table or desk top
Meeting rooms, banks, offices etc
Excellent audio performance
Simple 1 button operation
Full rechargeable system
5 year warranty
Integral high performance mic
Battery efficient cut off when not in use
Additional mic socket included
Made in UK
Coverage : 1m operating range at 1KHz providing an AFILS field strength of >100mA/m
Battery type : Internal 12V VRSLA (Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid) battery
Plugtop charger : Only use the PL1/PSU1 charger included in our PL1/K1, PL1/K2, PL1/K3 and PL1/K4 kits
Distortion : <1% THD @1Khz, 1m distance & 100mA/M field strength
Internal microphone : 0.5m optimum operating distance
Remote mic. socket : 3.5mm mono jack (disables internal mic. when inserted)
Automatic shut-off : Nominally set to 10 minutes, user adjustable to 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
Frequency response : 100Hz-5Khz frequency response
Compressor : Fully automatic (up to 5:1 max.)
Indicators : Power on, input level, charging required and charging in progress
PL1 Dimensions (WxHxD) : 250 x 300 x 100mm approx.
PL1 Weight : 1.7kg approx. (including battery)
Barcode : 5052180981377
The shelf features a pre-cut hole for feeding through the power supply unit (PSU) lead to the PL1’s charger socket, allowing the PL1 amplifier to be charged whilst stored on the shelf.
Where interaction with the general public is required, many British standards and 'Acts' lay down requirements surrounding access to services by people with any kind of disability. Failure to provide 'help with hearing' is discrimination against the deaf or those with a hearing impairment and is therefore an infrigement of those Standards. The SigNET PL1 portable loop amp makes it quick and easy to ensure compliance with all necessary legislation.
In addition to BS7594 (The Code of Practice for Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems) and EN60118-4 (Magnetic field strength in audio frequency induction loop systems for hearing aid purposes), such standards include: Building Regulations Part M1 : Access to and use of buildings (2004), BS 8300 (2009), BS 8300 (2009), The Equality Act (2010), The Human Rights Act (1998), Care Standards Act (2000) and The English Tourism Council’s National Accessible Scheme.

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