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SoundLAB Multi Cable Lead Tester

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SoundLAB Multi Cable Lead Tester
SoundLAB Multi Cable Lead Tester
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  • Description

Versatile lead tester for use with most audio leads, the product can test the following leads: 8 pole Speakon, 4 Pole Speakon, Banana, 3.5mm jack (mono and stereo), 6.35mm (mono and stereo), phono, XLR (3 pin and 5 pin), DIN (3, 5,7 and 8 pin) and 4 pin mini DIN.
• Ideal for Professional Audio Use
• Compact and Easy to Use
• Clear LED Indication
• Solid and Reliable
• Batteries: PP3 9V (Not Supplied)
• Dimensions (mm): 85x110x65
• Weight (kg): 1

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