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ADS 500 100v Line Public Address Amplifier 500w

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ADS 500 100v Line Public Address Amplifier 500w
ADS 500 100v Line Public Address Amplifier 500w
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ADS 500w 100v Line Public Address Amplifier
The ADS 500 is a 500w 100v line public address amplifier. The ADS 500 amplifier brings more than just basic functionality, ADS reliability and great value to the ADS range for a variety of commercial and industrial installations. The ADS500 amplifier is a 3U mixer amplifier featuring 70V, 100V and 4-16 Ohm speaker outputs and 4 universal balanced XLR mic inputs with phantom power. There are 4 audio source selectors on the front panel. 4 Aux inputs by dual RCA type are located on the rear panel. Mic 1-4 with Vox priority selectors. The amplifier is also built in pre-announcement chime with volume control and remote chime trigger. The REC output for tape recorder and PRE output, AMP input for adding extra signal processor like mixer, graphic equalizer. Volume control over Mic 1-4, aux, master & overall treble/bass controls are provided. Complete protection includes short circuit and thermal protection, current limiter and overloading.
Other Features:
• XLR balanced line output for extra power amplifier
• AC 110V or 230V and DC 24V operation
Technical Specification:
• Power Output (RMS): 500W
• Output Impedance: 50V, 70V, 100V & 4-16 Ohm
• AC Power Consumption: 400W
• AC Power: 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz & DC 24V
• Frequency Response: 50Hz~16KHz(+1dB, -3dB)
• Input: AMP: 1000mV/10K Ohm, Unbalanced RCA input
• Line Input: MIC TAPE, CD, TUNER, LINE INPUT(AUX): 350mV/10K Ohm
• Mic Inputs: MIC 1, 2, 3, 4: +2.5mV/2K Ohm, Balanced XLR input
• Aux Input: AMP: 1000mV/10K Ohm, Unbalanced RCA input
• Signal/Noise ratio, Mics: MIC 1, 2, 3, 4: 66dB
• Signal/Noise ratio, Aux: AUX: 80dB
• Phantom Power: +48V with LED indicator
• Tone Control: Bass: +10dB at 100Hz, Treble: +10dB at 10KHz
• Remote Control: No
• Colour / Finish: Black
• Dimensions: 484x358x132mm
• Weight: 16 kg

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