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Product ID: 10-6219-C10
ADS240 240W 100 Volt Line Mixer Amplifier
The ADS 240 is a 3U mixer amplifier featuring 70V, 100V and 4-16ohm speaker outputs and 4 universal balanced XLR mic inputs with p...
Stock Level: 3
Price: £334.99 (£401.99 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: 10-6236-C10
ADS 500 100v Line Public Address Amplifier 500w
The ADS 500 is a 500w 100v line public address amplifier, the ADS500 amplifier brings more than just basic functionality, ADS reli...
Stock Level: 10
Price: £459.99 (£551.99 Inc. Vat)
Product ID: 10-6225-C10
ADS iQuad 120W 4 Zone Matrix Amplifier 100V
The ADS i-Quad 120 is a fantastic 4 channel mixer amplifier with full on board zoning facilities and MP3 (SD/USB) player with FM t...
Stock Level: 0
Price: £499.99 (£599.99 Inc. Vat)