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Product ID: A111D
iPod In Car Charger
Mobile iPod charger for use in the car; the iPod charges whilst in use. iPod In-Car Charger
Stock Level: 965
Price: £2.54
Product ID: B034G
Bumper 4 Way 12V Car Power Socket Adaptor 10A
This unit allows up to 4 other devices to be fitted to a single car power socket.The product features 1.1m of cable to allow for e...
Stock Level: 719
Price: £5.83
Product ID: B034MA
Heavy Duty Battery Jump Leads
A pair of heavy duty jump leads, terminated at each end with powerful spring jaw crocodile clips. Colour coded for ease of use wit...
Stock Level: 104
Price: £12.98
Product ID: B036
Car Power Lead for Cigar Lighter Socket
Provides a cigar lighter socket where none is fitted or when power is required outside the car. Heavy duty crocodile clips take po...
Stock Level: 463
Price: £1.72
Product ID: B037C
Bumper 12V Cooler Box Lead. 5M
Bumper cigar lighter plug to polarized 2 pin 12v DC plug 5M lead for electric cooler boxes. Colour Black, Length (m) 5
Stock Level: 575
Price: £4.60
Product ID: B038
Power Extension Adaptor Lead for Cigar Lighter Socket
Adaptor lead to extend cigar lighter-type socket. Fuse (5 Amp) built into plug. Maximum current 5 A and length 2 m
Stock Level: 847
Price: £2.45
Product ID: B070
Ground Loop Isolator with Low Level Filter
Ground loop isolator for use in car, professional and domestic audio systems. Designed to isolate the ground between source and am...
Stock Level: 319
Price: £4.55
Product ID: B070A
Booster Adaptor for In car Amplifiers
Converts high level output from the car stereo to a low-level input for in-car amplifiers, while providing ground loop isolation. ...
Stock Level: 205
Price: £6.41
Product ID: B070C
Bumper 20A Noise Suppressor
20 A noise suppressor for installation in the 12 V power lead to sound equipment to eliminate interference from electrical systems...
Stock Level: 710
Price: £5.10
Product ID: B070D
Bumper 10A Noise Suppressor
A 10 A noise suppressor for installation in the 12 V power lead to sound equipment, which greatly reduces interference. For static...
Stock Level: 81
Price: £3.35
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